Thursday, January 15, 2015

West London isn't all posh people -

On Tuesday I presented on opening bank accounts on behalf of the CAB in West London.

I suppose that the CAB has since its inception in 1939 faced challenges - let's face it 4 days after the start of World War 2 would be a challenging time, but with changes to welfare arrangements and a new pension environment the bureaus are being stretched to meet targets on very limited resources.
The colours and architecture could be  Florida
(but it's Westfields)

The CAB like so many organisations struggles to be relevant and to satisfy all the stakeholders from various sectors - it's being used (to my mind) increasingly as an arm of local and central government and needs to fiercely defend it's integrity any moves to become a 'low-cost' delivery tool for Chancellor Osborne are particularly abhorrent the pensions 'reforms' being an example.

[It does though seem that George does not have a soft spot for what the CAB does on some issues  - this story about Eric Pickles is really alarming]

There are people who through unfortunate circumstances are battling be it internal or external  they require clam advice from human beings who are able to give time and compassion.

Well the new year is undoubtedly a time for starting new challenges and good luck to those deciding to take part in activities that give back to society but more importantly let's try to help those who have decided to battle the challenges and demons they confront.
Let's hope that there are Blue Skies for those who are at the bottom of the pile

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