Monday, January 05, 2015

Saatchi -Post Pop: East meets West

It's a sign
Last week I'd been aiming to visit the Saatchi but London Transport sabotaged that for me with their interminable 'Engineering Works' well a second try today  and I was luckier.

It's saying something I'm sure
Saatchi is a great Gallery and despite the  Duke of York location there's no US scandal attached at present so do pay a visit if you like somewhere that lets you get up close to the works - and this is a real plus point with so much three dimensional stuff on show.

The Saatchi has the unique calling card of smelling of Sump Oil as a result of Richard Wilson's installation but it stands out too for it's uncluttered and well curated shows.
Chinese works confronted consumerism

There were so many works that attracted me - it was really a bit like being that child in the sweet shop - Works By Jeff Koons (notably Basketballs) - here are some of the things I liked anyway....

Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank

Michael Craig-Martin's Pricks (2000) was there for all to see
Available for all to see
And good to see Gary Hume had a selection of his doors showing  (And a sculpture too).
Gary's the YBA famed for his doors - 

Religion was a theme ..
And this bunch of praying figures  was moving (literally) thanks to some sort of animatronix.

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