Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Shedding and Billy Joes Ribs

In June of last year a neighbour started to dismantle his shed, subsequently I helped him bring some new timber to his garden and after a lot of work he's made something quite impressive - it's not your average shed it's got skylights and posh sealed window units - I'm impressed.

The start of the project -the old shed removal
6 months later the project delivers something to be proud of

In West Ealing on the Uxbridge Road there used to be a Tex Mex style eatery called Billy Joes that was big on ribs, they gave you aprons and wet wipes so you could clean up.
It's I reckon over 10 years since it was last serving customers and finally the building in all its ranch style glory has  been demolished - expect there'll be flats to replace it.

Once a project starts there can be quite rapid progress but also there are often delays we'll see what happens

Nearly gone - what was once Billy Joes

It looks like there'll be work starting here

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