Tuesday, January 06, 2015

In West London Kensington, Chelsea and Sloane Square

Hotel fun
Yesterday while I was in Sloane Square area I popped into the Peter Jones department store (it's part of John Lewis group) , partly to go to the toilet and partly to look at their gadget section.

Well in the gadget section they had for only £15.00 a make your own Wi-Fi hotspot it's the TP Link TL-WR710N and when I think back to my early experiments with Ethernet (co-axial ring) it does seem something amazing.

 I don't know if you've been somewhere that only has wired Ethernet and you haver a tablet and weren't able to connect well along with a few other jobs this little box should crack it.

I also while I was on the gadget floor did take a look at the Canon Powershot G16, it really feels a very nice camera, a compact but with many SLR style features (like being able to pass files in RAW format), you can use the optical viewfinder, loads of manual settings  and it has a hot shoe as well as built-in flash, this is likely my next camera.

Speaking of which we're now in the 150th year of the Portobello market (those wanting to get involved in Arts Project please note) and I get a picture  check in their..

'Street Trader Newslwetter'

Volunteer photographers working on 2015 projects
As part of 2015’s 150-year celebrations, volunteers will be visiting the
market to capture images of our products, stalls and traders. Each
photographer should introduce themselves and show an ID card (example,
The example  mentioned

You can let them know whether you are happy to participate, whether
you wish to appear in the photos yourself,
whether you are happy to have your first
name used (so we can say ‘tell _____ we
sent you’), and whether you would like copies
of the photos for your own use. Contact Mark
Atkinson with any questions or comments.

And more from The Post-Pop art exhibition at The Saatchi

Good to be reminded that Brit Art did have some humour here are a couple of nice items a 3D work from Julian Opie (Modern Tower 2001) and 'Switch' (1994) from Rachel Whiteread.

Opie's Modern Tower with doors in the background
Well - what it says 'on the tin'

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