Sunday, January 18, 2015

Whitechapel Gallery visit

I took a trip to the Whitechapel gallery on Friday afternoon which was enjoyable - There was some really fascinating records from the Henry Moore Institute about sculptural projects both successful and those that have not yet come to fruition including the Croatian born sculptor Oscar Nemon who was famously able to bring Winston Churchill to heel.

I often find a few things when I make such visits  that make me go off and find out more on an artist, a material or just a theme - from this trip the two or three topics were:
Whitechapel Gallery

  1. A film by  Karen Mirza and Brad Butler  -called The Unreliable Narrator  which is about  a 2008 Terrorism event in India, It is hard to believe that it was nearly seven years ago that the city of Mumbai India was terrorised by a number of young terrorists, even during the siege there were ideas percolating for 'Bollywood' dramatisations of what was going on - the film from Karen and Brad mixes audio reality with news coverage  and fictionalised versions to highlight the effect of such modern day assaults.  
  2. A project by Bart Lodewijks where he and some local youngsters went out and made chalk (and other) interventions in the Whitechapel area nice too that there was a leaflet to take away that provides information about it.
  3. David Batchelor's Monochrome Archive it seems that since 1997 David, who considers the city the basis for abstract art has been  capturing monochrome images in various  cities, he's brought these together to show as a sort of continuous onslaught on a number of screens and it did feel a bit frenetic.

The multi-screens of Batchelor's images

Less successful to my mind was a room there  where illumination was varied - making it difficult to see the exhibits - but it's important that such experiments are at least possible.
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