Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Early light shots, Election & The Modern Economy

It wasn't quite the early hours but when I went downstairs to the kitchen I was taken by the light and rushed off to get my camera and tripod - low light means it's needed for sub 1/15s exposures - they're not that great but I get the feeling that I might get something one of these mornings..
A frosty view across the back garden

Vapour trails across the sky 

Economy and more

Certainly before the terrible events in Paris today the UK news agenda was all about the May election - with the National Health service being at the centre of campaigning  - with so much discussion there's a danger of early voter fatigue, while waiting to get my haircut I took a look at the Daily Mail the level of anti-Labour propaganda  is almost comedic - hopefully not all the readers will be duped by over simplistic analysis it implies

The falling price of petrol while putting more money in our pockets is actually denying George and the Government revenue - it means too that marginal exploration projects will be put on hold and that 'Green' costings look less attractive - we'll see how it pans out in the next few months.


I know I sometimes highlight concerns about how we increasingly use the internet for our shopping and commerce needs, well it's certainly not all negative from me.
Battery -Easily fitted and working

Today I received my rechargeable battery for my Pure radio - ordered on Sunday and here today, it was even charged so I know it works!

With such a smooth operation and following a quick trip to 'site' I've decided to order some replacement laces for my Allotment boots these will be delivered via my local Argos.

The allotment is a bit claggy so only taking some compost down and re stocking the bird feeder - very quiet down there.

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