Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Hotel, A few preparations and Red 322

New Hotel next to what I like to call The Nib
Last week I mentioned that there's something of a craze for new hotels in London, I suppose at this time it looks like they'll perform as a steady earner not spectacular a bit like a utility.

The hotel that's shooting up next to the building I like to call The Nib is going to be a big one (scaffolding surrounded in the picture).

I do though wonder if the hospitality sector   (and virtually all other business in London) will perform better if we change our attitude to visitors  as some (mainly) right of centre politicians are petitioning for.

Not only will there be a shortage of staff but perhaps guests too.

Preparation for Display

It's been useful to be in a position where I've seen some good examples of display as I start to put the preparations together for my own (small) display in The Grapevine Bar.

Leaflet stand.
Work (if I can call it that) for my 2016 Photo' exhibition is continuing - I've printed and framed about 6 A3 prints (and 2 smaller ones already from my RACC Framing Course).

I've ordered  3 A2 Prints and hopefully will collect those in the next day or two - the real challenge in terms of hanging is  going to be around the 'D' rings and wire it's important (to me) that all the photo's look even

As well as the hanging I'm going to be producing  publicity and a simple brochure - I've got a stand for the brochures at least.

My intention is to have a QR code on each picture to encourage anyone interested to read about my pictures and what informs them - I'm now looking for a 'comments book' too.

Red 322

An older way of storing data, photographs here 

Many of my pre-digital photo's live in Red albums

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