Sunday, December 27, 2015

Climate Change and Red 310

It's just a few weeks since the global accord following the World Climate Change Conference in Paris and understandably the issue hit the headlines while the conference was running.
Westminster corridors of Power

There are few of us in the UK who now  don't think that there's something odd happening with the weather.

The conditions  in the north of England are  giving such cause for  serious concern  I must say I'm reconsidering my somewhat flippant attitude to our neglect of the planet .

I'm hoping that what seemed to me previously like uncalled for talk of calamity and Doomsday scenarios is that we can manage.

Having spoken with my brother who was at Paris talks I was certainly surprised at how seriously the UK government is  taking  the rise in world temperature rise.

Lets  hope that the climate change experts like Professor  Kevin Anderson of Manchester and Dr. Hugh Hunt of Cambridge seen here talking in a Paris  discussion recorded by Mike Coe have their views taken with the gravity they warrant too.

Red 310

There's still some mileage in the reds of Christmas here's a South London poster
Red is used here on a poster  with  limited colour  palette

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