Thursday, December 17, 2015

Local Printing (in Ealing) and Framing along with Red 320

Last week I visited a local printer to talk about printing some of my photographs in large format for my upcoming exhibition - unfortunately due to car MOT problems I was not able to collect the prints until yesterday.
A helpful local printer

Pollyprint in Northfield Avenue Ealing were really helpful (and not too expensive) - prints were previewed on Macintosh computer and it was possible to see the area that was to be trimmed from the original.

When I went to pick up the prints I also added a further larger picture (Chiswick House) at 70 x 50cm - it's a revelation to see how different a picture becomes when it's printed and framed - details are certainly revealed.

You can see an autumnal photograph printed and framed below (with protected corners).
A framed print changes the photo'

What I've found is that I'd probably print slightly larger next time and I will try to adjust my habit of composing in the camera viewfinder to allow more options when I come to get the print mounted.

I will also look further into the different grades of paper I can use in the future.

Generally though I'm happy with where I am on the preparations ahead of my January exhibition (but the day will soon come around).

Red 320

When I started to record (hopefully) a year or 'Red' I didn't think it'd be a struggle in any way but I'm beginning to revisit this thought.

What I'm also finding is that there are themes that lend themselves to red - Hearts are certainly one area- I think there's something about classification (it is a  method we use to try and find meaning but sometimes feels like an imposition ) and emotions of course (anger is 'red').

Anyway here's a chair that uses a heart motif.

A chair with a red feature for the back

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