Sunday, December 06, 2015

Questors -The Master Builder and Red 331

At Questors again on Friday night, this time in the somewhat intimate 'Studio'.

The Master Builder is (for me anyway) an  enigmatic, North European dark drama (spoiler alert it doesn't end well) -
A place for great drama

The question  being is it all about the Norwegian playwright himself and one of his dalliances  or is it about the angst many of us feel when what we desire is presented to us?

[Or perhaps is it as Ibsen might have protested just a story about a Builder]

An impressive play
The production we saw was absolutely excellent - doing away with the fourth wall -being performed (as they say) in the round.

Very good and focused acting (2 hours with no break) and even though there was some problem with an ill member of the audience being taken out half way through  the performers  impressively weren't phased and  the acting carried on uninterrupted.

Amazed again at what unpaid actors put themselves through - also it was another chance to see my exhibition area (which must along with my many questions be irritating the bar manager -thanks for your patience Nigel).

Red 331

A red Darth Vader
Fantasy figures made real (-ish)

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