Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Idea to share and Red 308

A few months back I floated the idea for a kids book - it had a little interest but have not managed to progress it.
For 'Quirky' kids (and adults too)

If someone wants to come on board as an (equal)  partner to put together a children's book I'd be happy to look at how we could get it published (either a third party or self publishing).

The idea's around fun word's with quirky illustrations aimed as a shared early 'reading'  experience with an adult .

My first phrase for illustration was

First one- kids running along a beach and the second a crab as a shelf...

As the children walked along they saw a group of crabs at the head of them was a crab called Mark, he was all by himself eating sweets and not sharing them with the other creatures.

As an example one of the children took the crab hollowed him out and with a pair of brackets he was mounted on the wall -

'Look' said one of the children

'Simon the Selfish Shellfish has been made to look Shelf-ish'

and some others we could work on

1) There was an argument about the waste and Suzy  Refused to Reuse the Refuse.
2) To get a good use of the space Danny Planned the Plan of the planets.
3) Cor, us said the people in the school  chorus  but what a chore it was to sing their song (this is a bit English in use of 'Cor').
4) The priests prayed prior to entering the priory

With rise of 'colouring books' we could offer an option where buyers can colour themselves. - if it's interesting get in touch ..

Red 308

Are drivers of 'Red' cars drive less risk adverse?

This was from spring  this year just near Haven Green, Ealing and I'm not sure how it happened..

That's no way to do a 3 point turn

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