Wednesday, December 02, 2015

West London Housing boom and Red 335

West Ealing homes backed by the London Mayor
As well as a construction boom in the hotel sector there are new housing developments springing up in many areas of West London.

For builders with land it's a near perfect storm, limited supply and strong demand are the basics of simple economics and although much of what is happening looks like a bubble it seems there's still life in in before either a burst or a gradual deflating.

The expectations around Crossrail  indicate that there are particular 'one off' changes impacting the market but surely the importance of access to Central London's Bond Street and the West End can be over emphasised in the age of Cyber commuting and working from home?

Apart from the 'Hot money' that's fuelling the top end of the London market, do we also expect the possible upcoming Heathrow airport decision to  fundamentally change the scenario for West London?

More in West Ealing shooting up
 Some will be disappointed to see the lack of ambition in many of the homes being built -few look like they were designed to last and the imagination involved  is limited.

Are we creating 21st Century homes to last or a stop gap that will be replaced in 20 or 30 years?

What happens when the present wave of  young ambitious immigrants get to the stage of their lives where they  are more family orientated ?

Do we care about the energy requirements of our housing stock, the quality of life and neighbourhoods we're changing and the occupants or is it just somewhere to park the working population while others make even more money?

Should we be optimistic about what's being built in the Uxbridge Road?

Red 335

And other housing from an earlier boom

Not a Shaking Stevens song -a red door near home

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