Sunday, December 20, 2015

EU debate and Red 317

I imagine that people who like risk are drawn to politics, it feels like David Cameron is a risk taker with respect to Britain's membership of the EU.
Do we want to be by ourselves?

Having just got away with keeping Scotland in Great Britain (for now) there's a high stakes game on where a Conservative party  more deeply split than Corbyn's Labour tries to hold together and (like the Devolution vote) goes for a once in a generation vote.
[Would that be so]

What is so sad about the party of Government's manoeuvring is that (again) naked political ambition by some is being put ahead of national interest - clearly there's some deep dysfunction from some self serving MPs who wish to get the keys to No. 10 when Cameron takes his leave.

Few honest individuals who look at the 're-negotiation' believe it to be any more than posturing - why does Britain have to be the awkward teenager at the EU party how great would it be if we acted as a positive influence fully engaged?
I only hope that the legacy Cameron leaves is not that of setting UK PLC adrift in a stormy 'free' sea.

Red 317

Well this tasteful little Christmas Santa in Gordon Road is pretty red

Looks like this one missed the chimney

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