Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Openculture introduces me to 'Bucky' & Red 307

I don't follow too many on twitter but the one I'd recommend over all others is - it provides an absolute feast of articles, links and wisdom.
Untold treasures await here

Twitter tweet was promoting  a really great article today decrying the accepted wisdom of the nobility of labour - and glorying in more positive alternatives to  a 9 to 5 wage slave exisitence.

I also realise a little more on the genesis of Tom Hodgkinson's  Idler Academy and its relation to Russell's philosophy.

In fact the idea that all activity is of value in itself is patently untrue and the conspiracy that stops us realising our potential for me something of a tragedy.

I'd heard of Buckminster Fuller before (let's face it it's a great name)  but I'd  not known what he'd done to become a household one - if you want to know more - here's a video of him - there's more and longer items on youtube but this is probably a good starter.

Red 307

Traditionally they're yellow here's a red one

We skipped the light fandango we turned cartwheels on the floor... (yes & thanks for letting me know)

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