Thursday, December 10, 2015

London Mayor election manouevres and Red 327

So spotted yesterday even more building down the road from where we live in Ealing -sadly the idea of it being even close to affordable is pretty much fanstasy.
Someone's home soon?

I don't know if previous mayoral hopeful Siobhan Benita will stand to be elected as London Mayor in 2016 I hope so -she was ahead of the curve in seeing London's number one issue was housing at the last mayoral election.

The idea of someone untainted by the dirty dealing of party politics as Mayor for (what I think) is the greatest city in the world is very appealing.

There seems to be (it is generally agreed) some  overtly political manoeuvrings  going on in connection with the Tory campaign to keep London under their control.

Today's rumours on an  announcement  (now confirmed)and like so much of the recent government decision making is more about  politics than serving the country and the capital.
The Tories are showing that their own 'coalition' is as fragile as Corbyn's and keeping the party together is paramount for the leadership rather than what's best (or most democratic) for the population as a whole  -very sad.

The reasoning behind the delay is (If commentators are to be believed)  that both Mayoral hopeful Zac Goldsmith MP  and current Mayor Boris Johnston are  both fervently anti-Heathrow expansion (as David Cameron MP said he was sometime ago).

 George Osborne  (perhaps the next Conservative party leader) is said to be in favour of Heathrow expansion and to get his way will be difficult ahead of the next election.

The fact that Zac Goldsmith  has made very clear that he would make a Richmond by-election a referendum on the Heathrow expansion if the Government select the (obvious) Heathrow solution makes parking it a no brainer until the battle for who will be London Mayor is over but it is both regrettable and sleazy nonetheless .

Red 327

Subtle is not what you want when you're stuck in a lift

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