Sunday, December 13, 2015

Finding a new photographer and a new writer along with Red 324

There's a sort of narrative for the privileged  people in the developed world who change what they're doing in their lives, that talk is often about a mid-life crisis or some sudden flash of cognition.

For me though the last 3 years or so are pretty much just a development of what has gone before albeit a more concentrated one as I've had more time to focus on what really does interest me and see where it goes.

[Having said that if you are in that frame of mind where you want to shake things up a bit in your life read Screw Work Let's Play and then pass it on to someone who you think would benefit from it too.]

There are a number of things that I am able to concentrate on and the BBC continues to help me learn more on various topics...

BBC2's Artsnight -Photographer Teller

Again enjoyed greatly BBC2's Artsnight it was largely  a conversation between Chris Dercon and London based photographer Juergen Teller.
Not the classic Contax G2 Camera favoured by Teller

There's a long history of celebrity photographers and as in so many fields the focus can detract from the work, I'd not heard of Teller before but he was engaging and Dercon who is leaving Tate Modern in 2017 to head up a theatre outfit in Berlin was a suitable interviewer being thoughtful and giving  the subject the space it needed.

Teller like Dercon is not a 'Brit' and it was perhaps odd for them to be making this conversation in English - perhaps it was even distancing for them (both), what did come out of the interview though was that Teller was 'involved' and not operating as some do at a distance and removed.

BBC Radio 4 - Writer Paulo Coelho

Often mentioned by leading figures as a writer they have learnt from (but often dismissed by the literary cognoscenti) - The radio programme about Paulo was intriguing he's led quite a life, I'm going to make sure that I make the time to read The Alchemist  soon. 

Here's an interview with  Coelho

Red 324

On my agenda -fixing up frames'  -this orangey-red tool might help me

A useful tool, it's colour makes it look business like and easy to find amongst  bits and bobs

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