Thursday, December 31, 2015

Every day's like Sunday (or Saturday), Letwin and Red 306

Having noted that holidays in UK are often more about shopping than anything else - we bought more than planned today and we weren't alone in this.
Maplin Tools - Well I say they're for my exhibition

As well as continuing to buy things that I justify to myself as being for my 'exhibition' I bought a well discounted coat in M&S - to get the full benefit probably need the weather to get a bit colder and possibly less wet - but certainly looks like it'll last a few years.

As we made our way back to the usual car parking location - I thought (and said) how few cars there were there now..

 A few seconds and realised that this was because it was a weekday and parking restrictions apply meaning no parking between  03:00  and 04:00  PM - seems the wardens hadn't yet visited but could have easily wiped out the saving on my coat.
A draft poster

Just because the period between Christmas and New Year feels like a permanent weekend doesn't mean it is - I had a lucky break and a wake up-call  will try to keep this in mind and  check the parking restrictions (1st of my 2016 New Years' resolutions).

Tories shoot themselves in the foot ( 3 times)

Not a great way to end 2015 for the Government

1) The coverage and response to the floods in the North of England (and Scotland) have not been well handled by politicians and high ranking (and highly paid) officials, many questions to be answered about wisdom on funding around flood protection too - it feels like the vibe going out from London is that it's an outlying part of the country and an irritation to those holidaying in the Caribbean -(and it shouldn't).

2) Rewarding a highly paid Australian political strategist  with an honour is not only in poor taste but devalues those people who also got a reward for actual public service.

3) Oliver Letwin MP is revealed as a poor judge of politics and people - I'm not sure if his position as a senior figure in the party of Government is secure?

Red 306

As well as theatrical openings Red carpet tends to suggest an  extra importance - here's one in the Palace of Westminster

Red Carpets - are they just for anyone?

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