Friday, December 04, 2015

This weeks's favourite TV and Radio along with Red 333

In Our Time stands as a beacon to finding out about things (often ones you didn't know you wanted to know about) odd the way that topics impinge on other things you know just a little about an example for me being recent edition about the  Salem witch trials - sadly it's filled in only some of the gaps that appeared after recently seeing Arthur Miller's The Crucible -so no doubt I'll be looking further.
I like Channel 4's First Dates too (Paternoster Chop House)

Away from what some might describe as the higher culture I'm greatly enjoying The Food Channel's
Mystery diners

In some respects it feels a bit of a forbidden pleasure, it's a hidden camera show (and I suspect some staging too).

Premise is where cheating staff are exposed and they invariably marvel at their bosses duplicity.
This week was a rather nice one where some redemption at least was offered to the  Waiting staff who had became unhinged by the glamour (and best parking space) after becoming 'Waitress of the Month'.

Duplicitously she'd removed rivals kitchen tickets and bad mouthed attire of another waitress- inevitably a fall was anticipated but mercy was offered by boss.

Always room for more

And somewhere in the middle of the cultural range is BBC 4's
What do artists do all day?

In this last week I watched the engaging and inspiring British/Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare in the What do artists do all day?

Why do I love it?


1) Because the individuals profiled/profiling themselves are inspiring (true particularly of Yinka) and

2) Because I feel some sort of association with them/want to be them

[I was quite excited to see that there was a programme in the series on Craig-Martin (of whom I wrote last week) - couldn't play from BBC iPlayer but did  find on YouTube - very good it was too].

Red 333

and look how it goes with yellow

Hard to miss

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