Tuesday, December 08, 2015

BBCs, Philosophers Arms and 10cc Doc along with Red 329

10 CC

Last night I watched a BBC 4 documentary about 1970s Pop group 10cc ( I'm not in Love -The 10cc story) , as I watched my thoughts went back to the times of Vinyl, I lent a copy of the Sheet music LP  to a friend who sadly left it in the summer sun in his car and it warped fairly dramatically (he kindly replaced at the time).

During the 1970's my friends at school were a 'cliquey bunch' and a group with an unabashed  pop sensibility such as 10 cc was beyond the pale for many (at this time they were more into 'Yes' and 'Deep Purple')  strangely though  in this respect I somewhat ignored the herd and bought and enjoyed the excellent Sheet Music (Old Wild Men a favourite).
10cc's Sheet Music - a nice cover too

The  documentary was a good one and I felt  a late justification for being a fan and was also reminded of seeing the band perform while I was at University (I'm not sure if I saw them in Cardiff or Bristol but it was very good concert) - I also bought Dreadlock Holiday later period 10cc a great single .

The documentary also mentioned Jonathan King who has been for some time one of many pop unmentionables but is slowly being rehabilitated (there was argument about his appearance in a Genesis documentary ).

Seems that the Art mentality of Godley and Crème meant that the classic lineup was destined to end but during their time together they demonstrated that they were far more than the sum of their individual parts  (like some other pop groups) also nice to hear people say they were lucky and well paid for doing things they enjoyed.

A great Pub

One of my favourite BBC radio 4 programmes is the Matthew Sweet fronted  The Philosopher's Arms,  what a great pub it sounds returned yesterday for a new series and the question under conversation was as usual  a thought provoking one (lying and misleading).

I had thought I understood a little about lying but of course if we take a good look at actual norms of behaviour the idea and practice is more nuanced - is avoidance of a topic or question tantamount to a lie - should you ever lie?

My only reservation is that the excellent Matthew needs to be careful to temper the levity - a few amusing lines are great too many and the conceit of the show might be damaged..

Red 329

There was a time when the only colour LEDs could do was red.
LEDs were limited for a time

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