Monday, December 21, 2015

We visit the new Pho in ealing and Red 316

On Saturday having visited the recently open 'Pho' in New Broadway we thought it only fair to give another new nearby Vietnamese restaurant in Ealing called Pho Saigon - it seems that Vietnamese is (literally) flavour du jour.

Very impressed with the use of mirrors which really do give a great feeling of space and certainly this restaurant was quite different from a slick chain and much more of a family feel.
'Pho Saigon' - The 50% offer finished on Saturday

Having said that I'm reminded what a risky business the restaurant enterprise is- Ealing has many places to eat (and I anticipate more as the expensive Dicken's Yard largely residential development becomes inhabited) - if you're not happy with the one you visit you probably won't go back - Pho Saigon might be more authentic than the competition and it  looked like  people of a Vietnamese heritage were serving and dining but to make money it needs to be  attractive to a diverse group of Londoners.

The premises were previously a restaurant/grill and not vacant for very long, the prior tenants didn't trade for very long and there are many other places to eat within a short walk.

With a 50% discount (as anticipated - this seems to  be a requirement for new eateries)  on their food the bill was very acceptable but I'm not sure when we'll go back with the normal full prices.

Red 316

When you drive up Argyle Road late at night there's always activity  and  life around Candy Cars.
Candy cars -I  can confirm that they're 24/7

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