Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Facing buildings and Red 314

Back at Westminster yesterday for an exchange of gifts with my brother.
As I went into the environs I noticed that a previously clad building is now finished and looks almost the same from when I saw it in July.

How it looked in the middle of July this year
And about 6 months later

December 22nd -Well we can't be too surprised can we?
As I walked back via Leicester Square spotted another  example of this practice  - I think it's quite a nice way of masking the works, providing some continuity.

Also saw the Norwegian gifted Christmas tree in Trafalgar square looking pretty good and telling a lovely story too

A bit of a trend

A nice tradition

Red 314

Nena famously had 99 Red Balloons here a few less in Leicester Square

Not 99 but some are  Red at least

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