Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Printing (2), Lion Hayes and Red 315

ColorMax 12 Broadway London W13 0SR
Having had some framing issues - I thought needed a further A2 print and as Pollyprint is (I think) closed for the Christmas holidays I decided to try an alternative service, Colormax it's nearer to home too.

Happily they were able to help and service was the same cost - I would say that I preferred the color renditions that I got  from Pollyprint but certainly  useful to have an alternative so close by.

Lion Hayes

Earlier in the year I completed a (beginners) Picture Framing course at RACC - it has helped me know something about the subject - it's also useful in that I know now my limitations and  what not to attempt.
Lion South Hayes Closed

I also got to know Lion in Hayes which offered a great selection of bits and pieces needed in mounting framing and hanging.

Having now got all my prints framed I needed some D rings, wire and hooks so was at the stage where I thought a trip to Hayes would be the way to get these parts - sad to report that Lion have closed their Hayes outlet (Lion South) so have ordered (what I hope) I need.

Flats I noticed before still going up (Crossrail convenience here)

Flats still under construction

I'm not a fan of Hayes but had a look around as I'd made the journey - interested to see the Motor Museum has some different cars including Mustangs.

Mustangs looking  ready for a US cop show.

Red 315

There are few things as satisfying as 'free' T shirts this is in the red region and I've had it for a few years - fair to say it's a loose fit.

You can see why it's a T shirt

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