Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Another Picture of the Week, The Turner Prize and Red 328

Another Picture of The Week says Ealing Gazette
As always pleasing to see a photography by me labelled as 'Picture of The week' this one taken at the back of Pitzhanger  Manor House  the former home of the significant Sir John Soane (and now closed during  renovation).

For me there's a fascination in finding amongst so much development  an  unchanging  harmonious building set in the greenery.

In fact I had a similar picture exhibited at OPEN Ealing about this time last year.

At last year's OPEN show

That Turner Prize

Watching the awarding of this years Turner Prize I was reminded of two things:

One was what Channel 4 does as a non-profit broadcaster in providing something different  - here championing the arts  in prime time what a shame it would be to see its role marginalised and I hope that rumours of  the enterprise being sold off prove to be false.

Two was Muriel Gray a C4 Tube presenter  from its early days (it was a tea time pop music show) - TV's loss it seems is radio, charity and writing's gain.

And looking at The Turner for 2015 prize the four nominees (they're selected they don't put themselves forward) were a disparate bunch a  number of chairs sporting fur coats (Nicole Wermers),
a collective (the first time an elective have been nominated) working on a regeneration project in Liverpool (Assemble) a sound piece by Janice Kerbil and a work about conspiracies, Patterns by Bonnie Camplin.

Many are puzzled that the emergent winners were Assemble but for me there is a history here  which goes back to the Arts and Crafts movement of people like William Morris (and perhaps beyond)- marvelous  to see people who were genuinely pleased and inclusive taking the prize and raising  the profile of their work.

Kim Gordon (formerly of Sonic Youth) was the odd person who opened the envelope and  repeatedly called them 'Assembly'  at The Tramway Glasgow and Sir Nicholas Serota  (chair of the judges) was enigmatic when asked for his thoughts.

Red 328

Here's the inners of West Ealing's Holiday Inn Express
Red Iron steel works as part of Hotel in West Ealing

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