Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wet Ealing Comedy and well done Nationwide

Ninia a great MC in the  Comedy Tent
Most years we go along to the Ealing Comedy Festival for at least one night of laughter, this year we chose the Gala closing night - partly because it was a Friday and partly because there were two acts I'd heard of.

Well if you're a West Londoner you'll know Friday was a wet day despite this we braved the 15 minute walk to the Comedy tent and had a pretty good night - the format is a good one as the sheer number of performers means that you'll probably find someone who tickles your particular funny bone - last night there were 8 performers  along with a very funny MC  (the effervescent Ninia Benjamin) who kept the whole thing moving along.

As well as being delighted by the names I knew a very professional Jo Caulfield and a surprisingly move Paul 'The Cinnamon' Sinha  (famed as the T**t in the white suit from ITV quiz show 'The Chase') I very much enjoyed  Irish comedian Chris Kent, North Londoner Ian Stone with his thoughts on the Jehovah's Witness business.

Slightly flabbergasted by the revelatory nature of the somewhat over the top and in your face  Luisa Omielan and won over by the expectation confounding  persona of  Jeff  Innocent - a good night despite getting pretty wet and not visiting the bar!




Well done Nationwide

I know I moan and wanted to give some credit here for a helpful bank.
A bank that helps without calling me an idiot

Yesterday I was going on about my own stupidity in being caught out by 'Scammers', warning others  - and I mentioned the action I'd taken to correct my errors - well credit to Nationwide for getting a fresh card to me so quickly (and not calling me an idiot) .

I don't know about other banks but they seem to have performed really well on this 
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