Friday, July 17, 2015

The taste test (Not Lidl sponsored)

Eel pie Island

I have in my mind a connection between Pete Townsend and Eel pie (recording studios?)

Well I was in Twickenham today and as well as seeing what Eel Pie Island  is about (it's rather odd and quaint)  I got to try out a genuine 'Taste Challenge'.

I've seen  Lidl use the exercise in their advertising and visited my local branch I saw something that looked like a Twix  -well it is.
Not Australia

In fact the result from two punters who tried the bars  with no identification on them was that as far as they were concerned there really was very little/Lidl difference - one picked the Lidl   bar as a Twix the other person detected more salt in the Lidl bars.
Spot the difference

What to me is staggering is that Lidl are presumably making a reasonable margin but the Twix bars cost pretty much 3 times more - where is this enormous mark up going?

I'm not a Lidl employee and I have no axe to grind but being a careful shopper can save you money.

The Staggering reveal
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