Tuesday, July 07, 2015

An end to Philosophy (of the 20th Century) at City Lit and Ealing's new landmark -

I'm not sure if it felt closer to 'Last of the Summer Wine' than  Habermas's Public Sphere when a subset of our Philosophy class shared a sandwich and a beverage shortly after our final session today.

So it was at a Paul's Cafe in The Kingsway that we chatted in and it was certainly a Public Sphere but think I detected  a flavour of Pseuds corner as we spoke about the importance of Radio 3 and a halcyon past where Joe Public spoke about contemporary poets in their local public house.

It's a shame that we left it until our last lesson to chew the fat over what the class and we were about - certainly I learnt (yet again) that we shouldn't always stick with our first judgments and assumptions.

Quite a disparate group of individuals including a former  Deputy Director of DFID Overseas Territories and the Caribbean , a former Wonga official (Head of Legal and Regulatory) and a Physicist turned Academic Historian (looks like an interesting paper)- along with myself.

I'm not sure what we all hoped to get from the course but some of us will undoubtedly remain with what Scott Biaggi the teacher called with a wryness 'an affliction'.

For me the course did not make me think that a breakthrough was made in the last 100 years or so and that in fact it was in many ways the Philosophy of the Ancient Greeks that was being revisited and that the territory they defined remains coherent and the guiding lights of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato can still teach us much of the subject

[We did manage to relive albeit briefly the delight of Derek Jewell's Sounds Interesting ] .

Ealing's new landmark  and Festival time

Walking back this afternoon noticed what an extraordinary  view the new Apex in Ealing will have and also see that a very dry Walpole Park is preparing for its' various festivals.

Quite impressive view ?

Festival fence and tents

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