Friday, July 31, 2015

Chiswick House with cameras - City Lit course

It's odd that I've not been to Chiswick House - the location is close to home - (just an E3 bus ride away), there's a strong Beatles connection (the Promo' for their 1966 single  Paperback Writer/Rain was filmed there and how great is Rain? ) and it's a garden we might have visited from Capel Manor when I studied there.

So the trip out there yesterday in many ways felt long overdue.

A time to think?
When half a dozen or so photography enthusiasts (on a CityLit course) loose with cameras in Chiswick House grounds on a summers evening and you're going to get an awful lost of clicks and 'look at this' type exclamations - so here are mine...

You'll see some wildlife but also some people which always humanise the landscape for me.

I would say that I'm taking a little more care with the photo's and there's no doubt that the course leader, Armelle knows her subject well, she provides us with notes on the location, feedback and instruction/tips.

I've moved away from a default of Auto everything on my Canon G16 (very happy with this and if you want a compact camera it seems  you can now buy new for less than £200! ) and have employed my tripod far more - I find that the action of using this in itself provides more consideration of the composition.

 A look at the reflections

Almost painterly quality for me here - look at that lovely sky
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