Sunday, July 05, 2015

The vagaries of Twitter & Haven Green gets a 'Saturday Soak'

Oh no my shoes'll get wet
Yesterday we spent a few hours in Ealing had a really nice Prix Fixé lunch at Italian restaurant Osteria del Portico - we've been going there for quite a few years and so far it's not let us down - the open area just of the High Street and nice team there make it one of life's pleasures on a sunny Saturday (late) lunchtime .
A nice place for a summer lunch

Ahead of lunch I was dispatched to the car with shopping duly placed in back seat of the car - the car meant a traverse of Haven Green - strangely when we passed on our way to the shops we didn't notice the big pool of water across the green - going back I did see the water and took a few pictures that I later twittered - well it's got a lot of retweets likes etcetera, far more than some pictures of mine which I think were more memorable - but I guess it's the nature of the image ands the interest.

[Seems that the problem was a water leak as per Ealing Today - with my pictures]

Pleased to say that The Misogynist finished - really well executed story with a theme that's worthy of consideration - give it a read if you think it might be your sort of thing.

Soggy cycles

Thank goodness it didn't happen on a weekday - all hell would have broken loose

Oh my goodness - a very Wet Haven Green

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