Thursday, July 30, 2015

A taste of the Design Museum & the last of my collect Lab tours (for now)

Yesterday I was in Bermondsey again and noticed that Simon Hughes may no longer be the MP there but he's left an impression that's still dissipating as can be seen outside flats near the underground station.
He's gone now
I've been doing a couple of Tours of the Collection Lab at the Design Museum most months since the start of the year and I've enjoyed the experience.

I usually kick off with a visit to the café which offers a really nice good value lunch for volunteers and staff - it's just adjacent to the obligatory gift shop which has all sorts of cool designer items and books (check out the big Anglepoise).
A nice lunch sets me up for the tour.

That's quite a lamp

The Collection Lab is closing next month and we're going to have a new challenge doing some talk and Show around the Life on Foot which is supported by trendy footwear peddlers Camper.

A taste of the Camper show - Life on Foot.

Here  are a few views that are informed by the 20th Century Design Class Nick's been running at OPEN Ealing - Chairs of course but also a nice Eames quote .

A quote from a design 'biggie'

A re-creation of Robin Day's Studio
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