Wednesday, July 08, 2015

1 week more for Framing Course and Ten Years After

Final project, you need to get them facing in
Getting close to the end of the Framing course at RACC, teacher Sue is very helpful, approachable and insightful too - she made the point that our framing is unlikely to compete with commercial operations, now heavily capitalised with expensive gear - what it gives us is a chance to make something- unusual and pleasurable these days.

Final project is I hope a framed photographic triptych - also going to try a 'V' cut to go  around a picture too.

10 Years After 

It was where I worked 7/7

As well as being a progressive band successful in the 1970's Ten Years After is an opportunity to look back with some perspective.

I was working at BT Tower in the centre of London when the awful events remembered, ten after were commemorated yesterday.

Little was really known of what had happened and after some time we were advised to make our way home - I ended up walking 5 or 6 miles as no public transport was running in the centre of London, it was affine day and I also recall attending a meeting at London Studios the previous day and thinking, specifically  that all was well for a time.

Reading three short articles in 'Time Out' as I travelled back from town on the tube Tuesday afternoon I found that  the recollections of what happened actually brought tears to my eyes.

What I would say is that one effect of the killings in London on me was to try and do more things and experience more with my finite time - the challenge that I fall short on consistently in life  is  'engaging' in so many ways- it is too easy to abstract oneself and walk  by.
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