Saturday, July 04, 2015

Sir Nicholas Winton and Stewed fruit,

If I was looking for an example of how to lead a good life I believe I could do a lot worse than take Nicholas Winton who died this week at the age of 106 as an example.

It's not just in longevity that he excelled,  he was I find  on reading about him a man who left the earth with a positive legacy being instrumental in preserving lives by his work around assisting the passage of young Czechoslovakian  refugees ahead of the UK's involvement in the Second World War.

Beyond this he was modest and carried out other charitable works - a life to be greatly celebrated.

Stewed fruit

Mini Cucumber

Odd that this year we've done so well with Gooseberries, Blackcurrants are performing too but unlike the Gooseberries these did well last year as well. Strawberries are looking okay but somewhat tasteless and with a very very short shelf life.

Strange that Gooseberries are so named but a quick research indicates that it is in probability as a result of them being found where the Geese were kept (or perhaps as they were used as a sauce to accompany the cooked bird)?

Apples and Pears are looking promising and have picked some broad beans - it's great having an allotment - always more to learn and finesse.

New crops include Mini Cucumber and Peppers from plot 198 seeds and have just planted out a row of Aubergines which I'm optimistic about.

More Gooseberries than we can eat
A row of Aubergines
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