Saturday, July 18, 2015

Artsnight Photography and a CityLit Walking Photography Class

Artsnight on BBC2 yesterday seemed almost aimed at me as it featured a selection of Photography reports - I was particularly taken with Martin Parr's method of working taking loads of pictures (with, I think a Canon Camera) and then selecting the best images - it is difficult to become totally used to the idea that digital makes the cost of individual pictures close to free - I think mention was made of several hundreds of pictures during Martin's report.

There's clear 'author-ship' in Martin's images and he mentioned his desire to capture the quirky.

Starting point - picture in 'auto'
Well I've started another course at CityLit around Photography and am happy to report that I've already moved forward and started to take pictures in modes other than 'Auto'.

Mixed ability group, from former Photography teachers  to almost total beginners but we all share a desire to  both improve and explore parts of London - Course leader (Armelle Skatulski)  is as usual the case at CityLit both a very  capable communicator and a practitioner of what she's teaching  - here are a selection of my pictures - more to come in the next four weeks...

An advert for Tenant's - or not?

The brief to capture old and new buildings
Some of the group follow the teacher's finger (in a good way)
A somewhat macabre church detail (St Olave - Hart Street)

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