Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Corporate Headquarters at OPEN Ealing/Welshore Hub

OPEN- Our Corporate Headquarters
The activity behind 'Spike It'
Not only did I visit a public art show in Ealing on Sunday I also popped over to West Ealing's current OPEN space at Welshore Community Hub to visit on the last day of this particular collection.

The exhibition called  'Our Corporate Headquarters'  - was curated by Martin Lau and is about looking at the large section in many peoples life Work.
The result of 'Spike It'

For me this conjures up an idea of how we spend so many hours,  sitting anonymously in a large open plan office with a computer, keyboard and mouse.

The chance to speak with the curator was an added bonus to the show - Martin explained that many of his own pictures on show were taken at former OPEN premises (opposite the 'New' Fire Station) up the road, which he'd become associated with by accident when looking for somewhere to park.

We also spoke about how work was so often ignored by contemporary artists as opposed to the days gone by where people like Joseph Wright of Derby (who I'd like to see on our bank notes) positively  celebrated industry.

I quite liked the work shown - Spike It by Jeanie Driver - which documents something of the activity and the collection of paper  in an office.

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