Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chairs along with 'Another painting and its counterpart' (Osterley)

Phone home
Last night another enlightening 20th Century Design Class - it really does seem that part of the requirement to be a Design Guru is to create an iconic chair - saw this very stylised set up in a nearby shop - not sure of the date and who was responsible for the design though.. (and look at the 'wacky' cups).

Late 50's or early 60's

Looking at Dejan Sudjic's books is also fun and nice to recognise that we've got some classics in the home too - including the old Bakelite phone shown above shame it sounds crackly but looks great.

Photo and painting

Managed to find the corresponding photo of another of the Ealing Art Gallery pictures I saw at the weekend - this one Osterley House -
Osterley House - Photo 
And the painting
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