Sunday, July 26, 2015

See my friends and the Old Fire-station Ealing Art show revisited

A cappuccino please at Electric Coffee
Despite more rain this Sunday I met up with a friend from Horticultural course a few years back for a  beverage and a chat at the local branch of  award winning coffee shop the Electric Coffee co.

It's good to catch up with Ed and our discussions are wide ranging to say the least - many things Ed says make me consider how we approach challenges and make allowances for our own shortcomings.

We talk about many aspects of behaviour and I select Melanie Klein and Thinking Fast and Slow (Daniel Kahneman) as the source of some revelatory ideas (for me).

EAG show (again)

The Old Fire Station, Ealing

It's probably over a month since I visited the EAG summer show - I'd been told that new works were on display there and I was also aware that someone I know (Gordon Cookson)  who was  exhibiting wooden works was on the desk during the shows' extension so this rainy day seemed a good time to take a look and learn more of his process.
Gordon works with 'found' materials

Key questions I had for Gordon were around when a 'work' is finished and following my reading of 'Painter Man' how difficult it is to let works go.

For Gordon much of knowing when it's time to stop (i.e. it's finished) lies in the practicality of the wood turning - which can be unforgiving.

Gordon generally seems happy to let his work go and this is often more an issue around pricing than with any 'bond' that may have formed with the created item.
One of my favourites of Gordon's works

It was nice to probe how Gordon worked and selected the materials he uses

As well as Gordon's work there were a number of ceramics and plenty of local views.

My personal favourite of items on show was the Map Pig by Margaret Porter which seems a steal (or squeal)  at £35

I also had it confirmed that in the longer term The Old Fire Station will be home to  Charlotte's Place restaurant - a good restaurant I would imagine but a real shame to lose this public space.

Map Pig - Nice one Margaret

If you consider selling your work it would I think make it easier if you choose a local view that's recognisable and intrinsically pleasant- this one below of Haven Green made me go and take a photo' to see how well the idea/view  had been captured by Joan Storkey

In the area

Haven Green, Ealing by Joan Storkey.


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