Friday, July 24, 2015

PayPal Scams and Advice agencies

I like to think I'm fairly switched on and know my way around computers, social media and finance - well hands up I've been drawn into entering details into a scam website (so you should take care).

I would say (of course) that it was credible and I would also say that immediately I realised I'd been a fool and reported to relevant parties stopped cards etcetera and revisited passwords.

[If only I'd seen this]

Here's what I should have done:

1) Checked the source of the message that directed me to the scam site - and then deleted the message or forwarded to someone like Paypal spoof mailbox

I should not have entered a password to the seemingly authentic site.

I should (if I'd got this far) have noted that the site was not https (which denotes a secure site).

I should not have entered bank details.

But  in my defence I did on realising that I'd acted  in a foolish way immediate report this and carry out the advice given....
Scams don't always arrive at the doorstep

[Good tips here]

And on scams..

CAB needs to join the  21st Century

Well one of my first 'gigs' with the CAB was helping deliver a message about Scams top old people - I should have picked up on the limitations here but didn't) we were in hindsight more of a sideshow that really engaging and alerting the audience (elderly) to the issue.

I'm not too sure how well the CAB are able to deliver warnings on more up-to-date scams, I've been helping CAB for the last couple of years but can say that my feelings about their services and the organisation are at best ambivalent.

The CAB are in a position where they try (I think) to help those at the bottom of the pile but often it feels for these clients that they are another bunch of bureaucratic clerks.

My views are  influenced by personal experiences so please do listen to others who may have a much more positive spin on the activities of the CAB.

I reckon that they're in a very difficult situation as although they purport to be helping Citizens their financing (now) is tied up with both Local and National government making them (I think) subservient to political goals- they often are required to 'bid' for what would have been social services work and use volunteers (many inexperienced) to deliver.

The methods of delivery and standards of material are variable and my perception is that brand management is not what it should be.

I would say that the campaigning and good intentions can sadly get buried in a 3rd sector professionalism and grudge mentality (Cinderella service anyone?)

I'm not sure what the answer is but to me I reckon the questions need to be asked  as extra requirements are loaded (like Pensions) the organisation needs to decide what is their primary aim delivering an effective service for those who need it or servicing Government contracts at low cost.

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