Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CityLit London Photo walk (week 2)

Last Thursday was week 2 of the CutyLit London Photography walk and we covered quite a distance starting in Bethnal Green and ending at Stratford Westfields shopping centre.

The first stretch was along the canal and gave participants the chance to catch images with reflections look at  living spaces some on the water some tower blocks and to be nearly knocked in the canal by energetic cyclers and runners.
Starting place

We kicked off at Bethnal Green which is still recognisable and had a recap and some theory from course leader  Armelle.

As we got near the end the modernity was striking.
A reflection

An idea that works?

The boat displays an old line but it still makes me smile

An unreal landscape

A little abstracted

The manufactured nature of the landscape of Eat London was much more apparent as we got close to the 2012 Olympic site with suspended artefacts and Kapoor's immense sculpture.

At the end a human image of friendship jumped out at me and was the picture I was most pleased with

I've got some steel I'd like you to use


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