Sunday, July 19, 2015

Story of Belgians in Twickenham

 Collectively in the UK we're still in a period where a reflective look is being taken at events of 100 years ago during the tumult of the Great War when such turmoil hit Europe.
The communal gardens in Twickenham

The other day in Twickenham I happened upon the Diamond Jubilee Gardens not far from the main shopping area - it's a charming spot with views across the river and it also has a café and some interesting displays.

Sad to see I noted too that one of the key figures behind this sanctuary has recently passed away but the gardens remain as a testimonial to his efforts.
Angry birds too

What I found really interesting was artwork from a local school working with artists (Jane Porter and Sue Edkins)  to bring to a modern audience an immigration experience which seems to me to have a relevance to modern London.

It seems that as a result of fighting in Belgium there was something of an exodus of Belgians to London and many of these 'refugees' found  a temporary home in Twickenham bringing with them their own Newspapers and trading in their own speciality goods.

Nice work kids!
And well integrated by the artists

The pictures are well put together keeping the naivety of the youngsters but adding the narrative to give a coherence.

Great representations of the World War I soldiers

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