Monday, July 20, 2015

New Buildings in London - Perhaps we need some sort of break?

Another new build in Ealing
I don't always agree with the views of Alain de Botton and his School of Life but his recent youtube analysis of what is happening in London with respect to changes to the skyline certainly does resonate with me.

I regularly comment on new buildings in my own area and London at large but it does feel that there's a danger of the planning application getting out of kilter -nearly  every week I'm seeing new buildings emerge and the quality is variable to say the least.

I know that new housing is critical but perhaps more emphasis should be put on the people who will live their than those who wish to invest?

Perhaps we should ask some  serious questions about the removal/liberalisation of Planning permissions that the Tories seem so keen on?

Is this the sort of blight that Alain de Botton is talking about?
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