Thursday, July 16, 2015

More West London Developments & a 'Modern' Government Agenda

A new hotel in West Ealing  adds to the district

Every time I venture out I try to take a camera with me - this is principally a Canon G16 which for a modern point and Shoot camera gives (I think) great results.

What I see almost every day is a view that I wish to capture as a  picture- yesterday I noted again how buildings are shooting up here a new hotel.

It seems that change is that famous constant - here another sign of West Ealing being led into a more affluent future a hotel at it's heart - and work by West Ealing Station continues.

A  sign of the changes that are underway in West Ealing by the station

'Modern' Government  agenda 

Tally Ho ! Let's cast our minds back, first a few years to a time when the then 'new' Conservative leader David Cameron started a modernising agenda and then to more recent days when he announced that he'd be (of course) be governing for all the British people.

First, all those years ago when he spoke about modern Britain he spoke about engaging with the disaffected and protecting the planet - the message chimed with the idea of how the Tories wished to shake free from the image of the 'Nasty Party' - it was a bold message and a modern message.

More recently after the last election result with talk of  'Hard Working families'  there was a belief that the mantra of 'We're all in it together' might be important well recent announcements have seemed more about factionalism - is the idea of 're-visiting' the Fox hunting legislation a message of modernisation of UK PLC's priorities or that 'We're all in it together' (Don't get me started on the arrogance of a 10% pay rise for MPs when the poor continue to be squeezed)?

Is there too a  danger that a legitimate evaluation of what the BBC should do  (the BBC 'Green Paper' announcement today)  risks  being  hijacked by those who have all ready decided their views - let's hope that ideas of a changing landscape do not mean the destruction of an important national asset.
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