Monday, July 13, 2015

The new economy personified in RatedPeople

The internet has changed life in so many ways - here's one thing I found about how it brings out much better functioning market in goods and services

Yesterday afternoon a minor panic as we were showing signs of a toilet related leak (the W.C.) and we've got a visitor arriving at the end of the week - well first step was to put something under the drip.
RatedPeople - Hit the (dual flush) button for satisfaction
Next step see what the internet had to offer  - potentially helpful tips from Youtube related to wing nut tightening - sadly not a cure.
After that it was to Rated People - you enter what you know of the requirement  and the job goes out to likely candidates, I'd estimate that less than 15 minutes later  I'd got someone offering to come around and take a look - set this for Monday (today) afternoon.

Today I was fortunate to get one of's top plumbers (in top 3 in London he told me) and he carried out an efficient job complete with a 1 year guarantee - quite different from pre internet palaver.

The guy explained how the process is a virtuous circle with tradesperson being keen to earn a good reputation and this meaning the customer gets a good job - interesting to learn that he's from the midlands but spends at least 5 days a week in London where the rewards are considerably better than in his home district.

We've now got a nice new dual flush now  too and would use the plumber and procedure again (but hopefully not for a while).

Art at RACC

So Technology imapcts in more than just how we use it but also how it affects the environment and what we do to dispose of it whan the 'new model' arrives.

This was brought home to me by a nice three dimensional work which was  part of Lloika Farrow's first year Fine art studies (HNC) and was showing in the hall of RACC, (Richmond, London).

 The display is about how quickly actual technology is superseded this used  mostly out of date redundant hardware- the work's called The Technological Landscape and I applaud the originality shown.

A different take on something technological, old hardware that we take for granted  as it goes to landfill?

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