Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Jealous Prize

I could not ignore an invitation to see works awarded  The jealous Prize, it's such an intriguing (and it seems prestigious) thing to get.
Although I understand that  jealousy is a sin it is one that does confer some sort of honour to the one that you're jealous of - so I went along last night to the Saatchi Gallery by Sloane Square to see what the recipients had done to be awarded their honour.

 The Prize Fine Art MA  is in fact named for the gallery (The Jealous Gallery)  that provides the prize and it
My fave
does seem a worthwhile concept, awarding  graduates from the well known galleries in London including Central St Martins and Goldsmiths.

Of the works on show by Sean Penlington (Chelsea College of Art and Design), Olivia Kemp (Wimbledon College of Arts), Charlie Billingham (Royal Academy Schools) Nicola Thomas (Royal Academy of Arts) Trevor Abbot (Camberwell School of Art), Teo Ormond-Skeaping ((Slade) and Mitra Saboury ((Goldsmiths)   I would say  the print I liked best was 'A Safe Zone' by   Hwa Seon Yang  who completed her MA at Saint Martin's.
Hwa Seon Yang seems to be an intriguing figure and it will be a revelation to see how her work develops over the coming years.
There was printing too

The visit included free drinks and the gave me the chance to see some posh looking people but it was rather crowded and not a big space so this meant that it was not easy to really look at the works

As part of the show there was some actual printing going on - probably not as messy as I'd expected  but we're talking about some really beautiful prints.

The Lebanese cafe Comptoir nearby is now open and I'd like to try it some time.

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