Saturday, March 29, 2014

End of the Ideal Home (show)

Show Entrance
On Friday we went to Earls Court to the Daily Mail Ideal Home exhibition   take a look around particular interest in everyday cutlery and Herb gardening.

It's getting near the end of the run but when we left mid afternoon the exhibition hall was far busier than I had anticipated, an odd mix of people with loads of mobility scooters quite a number of pushchairs and a number of very disgruntled looking men.
An Ideal home

What's amazing about the show is the number of dodgy products that get shifted, I'm not sure if the so-called promotions (generally half price) are genuine are the hideously over-priced items normally double ??

One of the key features of this sort of event is the lack of seating and the requirement to queue for pretty much anything that is not a buying opportunity and Earl's court had this in spades. Oh yes and we didn't see any Herbs or Cutlery.
Tommy gets Plastered.

We did though see TV's slightly threatening   Tommy Walsh    (he used to be on Ground-force) showing people how to plaster and an Italian TV Chef, by the end of the visit my feet ached but I did have my spectacles very well cleaned (for free) and had drunk a cup of  coffee and eaten a bacon sandwich.
A TV Chef

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