Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Husserl, Heidegger and the Email hijack -Please Don't get caught

The Philosophy course is sadly for me coming to  to an end and this week we took a short journey down Existentialism Avenue.
One of the many delights I have experienced on the course is the weekly removal of what I thought I had learnt  from the reading/viewing that have been the basis of the course - that is The Bryan Magee Great Philosophers dialogues  

The acknowledged expert that Bryan was chatting with on the subject of Heidegger for this week's session  was Professor Dreyfus although previous weeks our course leader has generally looked past the 'expert' this week he felt unable to ignore the issues he had around Dreyfus (I think he said he was recently dewad but from Google I'm beginning to think this was wishful thinking on his part).
Martin a Nazi?

Scott identified Dreyfus as someone who had a career around his work on Heidegger and attempts to reconcile the existentialist view with that of the more Pragmatic U.S. perspective.

What I got from the discussion and reading  was that Husserl who established a 'new'/'fresh' analysis known as phenomenology. What Husserl created  was a critique of the  Descartes  mind and body dualism. Husserl had what he though was an able and gifted  student in the shape of Martin Heidegger's who he felt would be better equipped to carry forward this project but in time he was badly let down by him.

I had looked briefly at Phenomenology briefly before and come to the conclusion on the revisit that it did not tell me much but I now reckon it is of value and that the question from the existentialist Heidegger 'What are we doing?' is one we need to address. 

But Heidegger developed the thoughts in a somewhat different way and is now better known than Husserl who is often overlooked.
Heidegger brought to life the idea of living life in his seminal work the 1927 published book  Being and Time (let's face it that's a great title for a book), The idea is that “being-in-the-world,” and that which goes with it  is about the phenomenological principle that philosophy is not empirical but offers the  (perhaps) self-evident insight into the structure of experience. There's a 'nice' post on 'Being and Time' here.

I am someone who finds it difficult nbot to look at the nature of the people in the analysis of thier works (be it written work, music or 'Art') and I am under the impression that Martin Heidegger was not a great guy who chose to be a Nazi either because of his beliefs or to further his career, I think neither viewpoint would reflect well on Heidegger-   Husserl who was of Jewish birth (but chose to become a Christian) suffered under Hitler because of his Jewish family.

 Email hijack - Don't get caught

I think/thought I was quite savvy as far as computers and IT goes but I got caught - please do be careful and think long and hard  before doing anything that's suggested in an e-mail message if it involves 'passwords' (and then don't do it).
Well I got badly burned  following a  Message headed

Your BT Yahoo! account information has changed

I followed a link and changed some settings that resulted in my contacts being sent a 'begging' e-mail  (about being stranded in Manila).
In my defence I would say that generally these messages get caught by my spam filter and that they do not usually have  the secure  https://  type address which this did.
Please do be cautious, and thanks to those who contacted me and let me know they were concerned and also to BT's e-mail staff who helped me out.

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