Monday, March 10, 2014

Newtonians and Richard Duncan Rudin

Last weeks' BBC TV Horizon  - What happened before the big bang was another example of how good TV can broaden and extend  the knowledge   of its viewers, I was prior to the programme somewhat ignorant of Edwin Hubble's work only associating with the famous telescope.

Hubble - more than a telescope
What I learned was that Hubble was the guy who observed that the universe was dynamic and expanding, the idea of this expansion is such that it leads to the idea of the formation being from a 'big bang' this had until fairly recently been the accepted wisdom for the formation of our (and perhaps all) universes.

Now in several research facilities this theory is being questioned and a number of ideas are being researched - I must say my mind felt further stretched at the end of the programme - what is a vacuum - is it just something with gas removed?

What I took from this  Horizon programme  was the idea that a big mystery exists not only in the very small sub atomic engineering research but also in the Cosmology which  seeks to answer how we started to exist and  in another way seek to answer the question of  what all 'this' is about.

The question here concerned how we can envisage what might happen without/before time - can Time not exist is it another construction?

So tomorrow the Philosophy session that I attend at CityLit is about Hegel and Marx- as I venture further into the field of Philosophy I become more aware of how connected it is with Physics and the other
Newton - modern father of determinism 
In the events that have coloured our view of reality Newton, Darwin  and Copernicus have been big figures whose central ideas have helped create the modern world view.  The question though is do their theories go beyond being theories -or  are they merely solutions which 'seem' to fit?

Newton in particular with his work on Gravity and motion provides  physical equations which if consistent and true removes free will and replaces it with determinism - can this be correct?


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