Saturday, March 22, 2014

Robert Dyas Ealing Opens & Metaphysics (1)

Yesterday I half planned to be present at the Opening of the new Robert Dyas in the Ealing Broadway centre, as it happened I didn't make it there until after lunch but was pleasantly surprised with the size of the shop and the range of their stock.The Shop replaces the Arcadia  branch that has been lost to the new Morrison's.
Robert Dyas Ealing -Now open

Although the shop is now open for business the 'full razzmatazz'  opening  will be taking place on Friday 4th April at 10.00 a.m. when the  owner Dragon's Den veteran Theo Paphitis will be cutting the ribbon.

A new shop in Ealing aimed at the
Polish community
 It's good to see new shops opening along with  new housing being created  and the centre of Ealing looks set to boom over the next few years (I hope).

1) Metaphysics

The term Metaphysics like so many philosophical terms was actually created many years ago in Greece the word is derived from the  Greek words metá ("beyond") and "physics".
Metaphysics is the term used to describe the branch of Philosophy that looks at what is beyond the subjects that are handled by science, what makes up matter from the smallest things we can perceive to the largest - The Cosmos.
Metaphysics isalso concerned with many of the other big concepts like the split between Mind and Matter.
Here's Kit Fine in conversation on a Philosophy Bites session in which tries to define what Metaphysics is..

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