Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hegel, Marx and non-alienation

Today's session on philosophy was about Hegel and to a lesser extant  his errant disciple Marx. 

Hegels's logic is challenging and within it contradiction is taken seriously.

What I got from the lesson today was that Hegel had 3 major themes which were (I think) somewhat intertwined

History -  there is a historic dimension to thought and as time moves forward we move towards greater clarity through knowledge which bestows upon s 'freedom' .
The group existed before the individual .
We're progressing,History has a 'sweep'  and the Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis bring us closer to this, synthesis is in fact not necessarily an easy option somewhere between the two polar opposites that might describe the Thesis and Antithesis.

Geist - The Geist is about something that is not God but is spiritual (or as characterized by course leader Scott linked with Societal groups).

Alienation (which as a theme was adopted by Marx) leads to 'the negation of the negation'.
A rather charming film clip from  a  brilliantly written script (by Pinter) which was a great film  'The Servant' was attached to the quote  'I'm a Gentleman's Gentleman but you're no Gentleman'  as we saw The Bondsman and the Lord epitomised. by Fox And Bogarde.

What I personally experienced on my return after the lesson was the opposite of alienation (I think), someone I knew in a car tooted an acknowledgement and a stranger greeted me  in a most friendly manner.

This of course does not mean that Hegel (and Marx) are wrong all around us there are examples of how society and economic exchange can alienate us or how our attribution of the good is attributed   to a god or God .

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