Saturday, March 15, 2014

Starting work on Greenhouse

Last week I mentioned that I was going to add a small greenhouse to Plot 202. Well B&Q dispatched the unit in a most timely way and it arrived on Tuesday afternoon as mentioned I bought some concrete slabs to create a greenhouse base Yesterday I spent some time in the early spring sunshine, lining them up ready for the addition. Plan is to put some sand around the slabs to further level and fill gaps hopefully I will then be able to secure the  structure onto the base - will see how this goes.
This year we have had some quite strong winds and I don't want to be recovering pieces of my Greenhouse from neighbouring boroughs so some fixing will be needed.

Tony Benn - Another Iconic Figure of The Left  Dies.

Yesterday was another sad day for those of us who take an interest in political debate - Tony Benn's death at the age of 88 was announced.
I never saw Benn  in the flesh but my brother Nick fought a
the Chesterfield By-election (1984)  against him and said he was a nice guy. Certainly he was of the  upper class 'toffs' variety of left winger but he was the sort of maverick that all major parties should have. Benn has split those on the left in death far more than Bob Crow, as Harold Wilson a man for a great quote summed him up so well with 'he immatures with age'

Adding the tiles

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