Thursday, March 06, 2014

BBC3 TV to close/go online only and on Plot 202

The announcement  that the BBC 3 TV channel which is aimed at a young audience is to disappear from our TV guides is an interesting  piece of news.
The channel which has premiered new ideas and been a nursery for new strands looks set to be decimated by the decision.

The BBC has struggled of late to fully justify encampment in all areas of TV, Radio  and on-line both from the point of view of crowding out commercial activity and on the grounds of creating content that is not
necessarily in tune with the Reithian values of Entertain, Educate and Inform.

Management within the organisation are able to point to the non-linear habits of its viewers as a reason to make the bold decision to go away from the conventional broadcast model but some are saying that as well as freeing up some cash it will enable the already announced BBC1 + 1 channel to have a slot when it starts

The message that the  move to a purely online delivery makes is  confusing to say the least, content delivered by the Internet costs far more per view than traditional broadcast means and removes a large section of the audience   (the so called digital 'refuse-nicks')  - look here for more details on the capacity the BBC use  the idea that BBC 3 will continue as a channel is hard to credit and the indication that the content budget for the channel will remain is also questionable.

Performers and producers are already being interviewed, tweeting and raising the issue of the loss of the channel but there are those within the BBC who will be pleased that this experiment looks set to end.

Do we suspect that the BBC anticipates a large scale uprising by the 'youth' for their channel a la the earlier plans to remove Radio Channels BBC 6 and the BBC Asian services?

With many modern TV's the idea of an IP delivered branded BBC 3 TV is easy enough to envisage but it will not (I fear) carry equal weight of the linear channels.

I would expect  BBC 4 (another possible target) and ITV 2 bosses to be happy at the news but not too sure who else  will celebrate.

Give Peas a chance

On the Plot

Yesterday was a splendid day weather-wise and as well as popping some peas into modules I spent some
Let's hope there'll be fruit
 time on Plot 202, moved some Strawberry runners to the raised bed and also did further weeding. Fruit trees generally looking healthy with Conference pear beginning to bud.

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