Monday, March 24, 2014

London Live coming soon

It might not have got a lot of coverage as yet but the new 'Local TV' station in London could be something of a game changer when it arrives on 31st March 2014.

 London Live  is backed by London's free evening Newspaper  'The Evening Standard' it's got a great potential audience and if it gets the programme mix right it could steal viewers from all the main existing terrestrial channels.

 After negotiations with Freeview and Sky the Local TV brand has managed to get channel 8 on Freeview and 117 on Sky, as the service is encrypted on satellite it won't appear on Freesat at least for the time being.  Those high profile slots in the prime area of the EPG are important in terms of grabbing eyeballs in the multi channel TV World and mean that flickers are more likely to  browse to the nascent station.

 Entertainment as well as news is the section of content that is all important to London Live and it's playing against big hitters like E4 and ITV2 to get in the TV minds of the young affluent viewers of the capital.

The current on-air barker format promo reveals  the channel to be a generalist one with plenty of   prime comedy running,  they're repeats but of high calibre offerings  like 2012, Peep Show and Green Wing.
The truth of the matter is that new TV channels often have a rocky start although London Live has the advantage of an improving economy and a bunch of attractive demographics  to pitch too, what it needs to offer a professional channel that stands up against the competitors but is also able to differentiate itself sufficiently to secure enough of that audience of around 10 million eyeballs to make its own identity clear this will ensure that it at least meets the monthly bills for running the station in the short to medium term.

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